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The calendar highlights days we are closed due to TD Garden events and holidays displayed in RED. 

Days we are not offering TD Garden Arena Tours are highlighted in YELLOW.

Hours subject to change daily.

Museum Hours

Monday – Saturday: 10AM – 5PM*

Sunday:  11AM – 5PM*

The last TD Garden Arena Tour leaves at 3:30 PM, and the last Sports Museum Tour leaves at 4PM.

The Sports Museum is open each and every day except those designated days where we are closed due to TD Garden events or holidays.

Tours are approximately one (1) hour long, with The TD Garden Arena tour leaving every hour on the half-hour (10:30am, 11:30am, etc.), and The Sports Museum Tour leaving at the top of every hour (10:00am, 11:00am, etc.).

All tours will be brought up to Level 9 of TD Garden, where you will be eye level with the championship banners and view a variety of wood carved sculptures of some of Boston's greatest athletes. All Sports Museum Tours are Handicapped Accessible.

Click here for more information on The Sports Museum Tour and TD Garden Arena tour.