About Us

Boston vs. Bullies is an anti-bullying initiative presented by The Sports Museum and the Boston sports community to stand strong against bullying. Through videos and activities, the award-winning educational program leverages the power and example of Boston sports to help stop bullying in our schools and in our community.

The Sports Museum Staff

Rusty Sullivan Executive Director

Michelle Gormley Director of Education

Deborah Kim Education Coordinator

Education and Research Consultant

Kim Storey, EdD
Education and Research Consultant


Edmund Donnelly M. Ed
Lead Boston vs. Bullies Facilitator
Retired Boston Public Schools Headmaster


Frances Cardenas
M.Ed in Counseling with a concentration in Sport Psychology from Boston University, played Div.2 Volleyball at The University of Tampa, from San Juan, PR


Ellie Castine
M.S. in Counseling Psychology, Ph.D. Candidate at Boston University


Alyssa Murphy
M.Ed Candidate in Counseling with concentrations in School Counseling and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Counseling at Boston University


Susan Jonas Roche
M.Ed., LSW
Retired Boston Public Schools Guidance Advisor/Social Worker for special needs students


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