What is the difference between The Sports Museum Tour and TD Garden Arena Tour?

For The Sports Museum Tour, our Museum Assistants will guide through The Sports Museum, which is located on the Premium Levels 5 & 6 of TD Garden. Here you will see the treasures that we have on display evidencing the rich heritage of Boston sports and the influence of sports on the social history and evolution of Boston.


When is the museum open?

The Sports Museum is open each and every day except those designated days when we are closed due to TD Garden events or holidays. Our hours are as follows:

The Sports Museum Public Tours

Monday - Saturday: 10 AM - 4 PM

Sunday: 11 AM - 4 PM

Tours are on the hour, every hour. The last tour of the day leaves at 3 PM.


To view days the museum is closed due to TD Garden events and holidays, please see the "Hours of Operation" section of the website or call 617.624.1234.    

What is the difference between a Private VIP Tour and a Public Tour?

While the Public Tours and the Private VIP Tours take the same route (Levels 5 and 6 of TD Garden), the difference between the tours are -- our Public Tours are offered daily every hour on the hour.  These tours typically last 1 hour and can be a group as large as 50 people, depending on how many guests show up on that particular day and time.  Our Private VIP Tours are just for you and your group.  It is $25/person and typically lasts around 1 hour.  Again, the tour route remains the same, but our Private VIP Tours are given by our Curator or Associate Curator (when available) who are single handedly responsible for our artifacts and exhibits.  Additionally, our VIP Tours can be tailored to your interests and you can customize in regards to learning more about the history of one team over another, or about TD Garden itself.       

Are there restrooms accessible throughout the tour?

Yes, there are plenty of restrooms. However, we do request that you use the restroom at the beginning or end of the program if possible in deference to others on your Public Tour.    

Can I walk through the museum on my own?

Due to the fact that we are located in an active arena, we only offer guided tours of The Sports Museum and TD Garden. All visitors must be with a tour guide at all times. 

Is The Sports Museum handicap accessible?

Yes, The Sports Museum is fully accessible.  However, please notify us of any special needs; as it will help us make your visit go smoother.  Groups with special needs should contact Maria Kangas at mkangas@sportsmuseum.org.   

What is The Sports Museum’s Security Policy?

We follow TD Garden security procedures. Guests should be aware that bags, backpacks, luggage, laptops, coolers, parcels, briefcases and like articles will be strictly prohibited from the facility. Please click HERE for the full TD Garden guidelines.   

Is there parking available for buses?

No, there is no bus parking available. Buses may drop off students and return after 90 minutes.  For bus parking locations, please visit the City of Boston's Transportation Department.  Groups with special needs should contact Maria Kangas at mkangas@sportsmuseum.org to arrange van parking.   

Is there a Sports Museum gift shop?

The Sports Museum does not have a gift shop.  However, The ProShop is located on Level 2 of the Garden and carries items from all four sports teams.   

Is there food and beverage available at The Sports Museum?

No, there are no concessions available during your visit to The Sports Museum. For recommendations on area restaurants, please click here.   

Can you rent The Sports Museum out for Private & Corporate Events?

The Sports Museum itself does not have private rooms available to rent but we work closely with TD Garden’s Sportservice department to provide you with all your venue, food & beverage, A/V, and entertainment needs. TD Garden has a variety of rooms that are available to rent, and you can include museum tours during your event here at TD Garden.   

Can pictures be taken throughout the tour?

Yes, you are welcome to take photos during your visit with the exception of photographing or videotaping practices or other events taking place at TD Garden.