Boston vs. Bullies is a bullying prevention program presented by The Sports Museum and the Boston sports community to stand strong against bullying. Through videos and activities, the award-winning educational program leverages the power and example of Boston sports to help stop bullying in our schools and in our community.

Thanks to funding from The Highland Street Foundation, New Balance, and others, we are able to bring Boston vs. Bullies
to schools and afterschool programs free of charge.

Let's win this one together.

Schedule a facilitator to present Boston vs. Bullies at your school.

Our master trainers are available to help deliver Boston vs. Bullies.

All Boston vs. Bullies Materials are available to download free of charge.

Bullying Prevention tools specifically for Including Kids With Disabilities.

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For additional Boston vs. Bullies materials, visit our Resources Page.

Boston vs Bullies

All Stars

Athletes from Boston’s professional sports teams share their stories, providing kids in our community with ways to stand strong against bullying.



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